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Why We Need
Architectuaral Planning

The construction of a building is complicated, heavily regulated and expensive, and general contractors don’t want to revise the architectural design once the project breaks ground. After the project is completed, there’s little that can be done without demolishing the structure and starting from scratch.

That’s why the architectural design process is so important.It organizes the management of the project and offers clear communication on its design intent. The phases of the architectural design process allow the production information to be efficient and transparent to reduce risks that could result in costly, timely delays

Once a lead architect takes over, they must manage the expectations and goals of the entire project. A master plan should very clearly outline what the purpose of the structure is and use it as they build out the framework for the project. As the team at Think Architecture has used master planning in our projects, we have noticed significant improvements. The process allows us to manage our projects with extreme precision. It also affords us considerable flexibility throughout the entire duration of design and construction. Our principals understand the importance of master planning and use it as our first line of attack for every project we work.